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At the end of August we took Logan to what’s turning out to be an annual trip to Disneyland. Since it’s been a month and a half, I figured it was just about time to share the trip with you.

There will be no new king today

On our previous trips Logan didn’t really seem to understand what was going on around him, and seemed overtly traumatized by some of what he saw. His reactions were pretty dramatic to what I perceived as simple illusions. In retrospect, it makes a lot of sense. As parents we spend the first few years teaching our children the rules of the universe, how things look and operate, and Disneyland has a way of breaking reality for a mind that’s only just got used to bipedal locomotion.

Not impressed with Stitch

This year was different though. Logan had a very good grasp on what was going on around him, and was exceptionally keen to do things like see some of the characters. Some of whom he recognized.

Hugging Tigger is much better than accidently being kicked over by Tigger.

Minnie didn’t make much of an impression.

Don't bother me when I'm eating pancakes Minnie

When he saw Pooh though, Logan launched himself at the poor old bear and engaged him in a fierce and warm bear hug. It was hard to get him to turn around enough to take a picture.

Hugging Pooh.

When we posed in front of the statue of Walt and Mickey in California Adventure Land, Logan wanted to high five Mickey.

Logan wanted to high five Mickey

Instead of being afraid of the rides, Logan was insistent on visiting some. We had to ride Mater’s Junk Yard Jamboree twice, and I suspect he could have ridden it all day long.

Lightning McQueen

I let him drive the car at Autopia and he cackled and laughed uproariously nearly the entire time. He is not a good driver. I should cut him some slack though, he’s still only two years old.

Pumkin Patch Slide

October means pumpkins. According to all the lore of Charles Schulz, pumpkins are acquired at a pumpkin patch. Fortunately, and perhaps somewhat puzzlingly, Las Vegas has a pumpkin patch. For reasons that aren’t entirely clear to me, the pumpkin patch has a lot of carnival type rides. No matter the reason, Logan wanted to try the giant inflatable slide. As you can see, he was somewhat intimidated by the height once he got to the top.

Immediately after I stopped filming that short ride, he demanded “AGAIN!” and ran to the ladder. The second ascent was much quicker, and emboldened by his previous success, Logan barreled down for a second descent. What appeared like a fairly dramatic somersault at the bottom only seemed to delight him, and ended in cackles of glee.

My Little Mowgli

Evidently my boy isn’t just cute, he also tastes good. This is only a short clip of what was a comically long interlude of bathing. I eventually had to ask Puddles to leave Logan alone. I’m not sure she ever would have stopped. I can only presume that Logan’s head tastes like beef jerky.