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Good girl.

Cutest Dog in the world?

It’s been a really hard year so far. Between the move to Idaho, Cameron starting her new job, my frequent travel back and forth between Boise and Las Vegas, the same kind of breast feeding problems that Logan experienced, both of our fathers going through chemotherapy, and probably a number of other stressful things we’ve had to deal with, we’ve had our plate full. Throughout all of that, our beloved Puddles has been a trooper.

Puddles remains very interested in Logan.

When Logan was born, she didn’t really seem that excited about him, but eventually grew attached to the new baby.

She didn’t seem particularly happy that we’d made another baby, but she came to terms with it, and would frequently follow us around to make sure Emma was okay. She liked to sleep at Cameron’s feet while Emma fed. She endured a 12 hour trip to Boise in an RV with the kind of terrified reservation that dogs reserve for things they don’t want to do.She endured it because she’s a good girl.

Hanging out with Puddles

For nearly 13 years Puddles has been our more or less constant companion. Before the kids were born, she was our child surrogate. We adopted her from the Henderson pound when she was just 6 weeks old. She was tiny, scared, and had a funny name that we ended up keeping.

Puddles.jpg When she was a puppy, she couldn’t stay still long enough for us to take clear pictures of her. She was constantly moving around and always blurry in photos.

Puddles_blurry.jpg As she’s gotten older she’s slowed down, preferring to take naps more than chase balls, something she more or less non stop when she was younger. I took her to the dog park last week, and she was only chased the ball once before bringing it only half way back to me. She was more interested sniffing the ground and laying in the sun.


Puddles was a good girl. She was my baby.

Soon to be best friends Puddles passed away this morning following a rapid onset of liver failure. It’s been a rough weekend for all of us. Puddles was a hug part of our life, and her loss is leaving a gaping hole. She was a good girl.

Picture pages. Get your pens and your pencils.

We’re inside the 30 day window for the birth and things are starting to come together and get a little more hectic. Schedules are getting compressed to leave time open for the birth and tasks long procrastinated, like buying a car seat, are… well. Let’s be honest, they’re being procrastinated a little bit more. Soon though! Hang in there folks, we’re in the home stretch.

When we got puddles, she was the cutest little puppy that either of us had seen. She’s still cute on a scale that can generate saccharin shock at twenty fives paces, but she’s not the handful of scrappy face licking black fuzz we first brought home. Unfortunately, we have very few pictures of when Puddles was that small. The cameras we owned at the time were too terrible to take a picture of a dog that wouldn’t stop moving.

We elected not to make the same mistake with Logan, and wanted to take the extra step to memorialize the pregnancy with pictures of Cameron showing off her belly full of baby. There were only two problems.

While the cameras we own have become more sophisticated and expensive, I’m still a relatively terrible photographer. Additionally, while very pregnant, Cameron really didn’t look it. She’s such a petite lady, and in such good health, that some of her coworkers didn’t realize she was pregnant until she was close to five months along.

Fortunately, procrastination is in our blood, so all we had to do was wait until she was unavoidably pregnant. The photo thing was a little tougher, but as it turns out, working on a college campus for more than a decade means you meet lots of people. It just so happened I knew an extremely talented professional photographer who worked for the university. Aaron graciously allowed me to pay him money to take pictures of my beautiful¬† half naked wife. it’s good to have friends who are so gracious with their time.


You won't find many pregnant ladies you can do this

I resisted the urge to pat her belly like a drum

You gotta use good bait to get a keeper like this

Our first family portrait

Welcome Bean

Cutest Dog in the world?

For a few years now Cameron and I have doted on our special puppy, Puddles, and given her all the love and attention that we would a child. It’s kinda sappy. She is a really cute dog though, just look at those coal eyes, and the floppy attentive ears, and the button sized snuffler. She’s adorable!

Despite how much we love that her, it’s weird to treat a dog like your child. So we decided to get a baby.¬†Ultra! SOUND!

Here’s our first picture of the baby, taken at 13 weeks. We’re calling it Bean for right now. This ultrasound photo was taken a little while ago, and we’re up to nearly 4 months now. We’ve got another ultrasound scheduled for the end of May, and we’ll have another picture available then.