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The Baby K’Tan

There are a lot of ways to haul a baby around, many of them are perfectly safe for the child, although I do not recommend a leash and collar for an infant under 20 lbs. If you are among the two to three dozen people that my research indicates can not afford a full time flying nanny who communicates largely in song, then chances are you’ll have to perform this task yourself.

Fortunately for you, there are approximately six consumer products available for every safe infant carrying method. Many of these products are comfortable, safe, and will not burst in to flame when exposed to sunlight, moonlight, water, or nitrogen in greater concentrations than 100 parts per million. I would not recommend those products that do. In a later installment I will give precise and easy to understand instruction on how to identify these dangerous products that could maim you and your baby.

For now though, I’m simply going to tell you about the Baby K’Tan. I’ll start of by saying that we received the Baby K’Tan three days ago, have used it a few times, and not once has it burst into flame. It has not even smoldered or emitted smoke. This is a good sign.

the Baby K'Tan

The Baby K’Tan is an all cotton contraption in the shape of a figure 8. It drapes around the shoulders and crosses the chest in front. The straps are really wide soft strips of cotton that can be folded and twisted to form deep pockets. While you could use these deep soft pockets to store melons, or protect your hoard of walnuts from scavengers through the winter, it works best as an easy way to tote your baby around. Once safely injected into the wrap (instructions are included) your arms are then free to wash dishes, write blog updates or fight off marauding crows looking to steal your walnuts.

Taking a nap in the Baby K'Tan

The Baby K’Tan is similar to a few other popular products that do virtually the same thing, truss up infants, but features a unique set of something or other that has allowed the manufacturer to apply for patent protection. This is likely not surprising to a patent lawyer, but would probably come as a surprise to the millions of mothers who have used nearly identical baby wraps for thousands of years. I’m not saying the Baby K’Tan has ripped off other designs, I’m just saying that there’s a lot of prior art, some of it established by the Mycenaeans.

Which isn’t to say that the Baby K’Tan doesn’t work, because it does what it claims to do rather brilliantly and easily. Toss it around your shoulders, pop in the baby, and off they tend to go to la la land, happily gurgling and snoring away. The Baby K’Tan is easy to don, easy to maintain, and vitally, wraps over both shoulders with wide straps providing even load and relieving back strain considerably. Field reports in the Hawkins family have been positive from both mother and son. I won’t be using it, so I can’t speak empirically. I have no aversion to it, It’s simply too small. The Baby K’Tan comes in 5 sizes. My wife is dainty. This thing would fit on my like a balaclava. For me we have something different, but similar, of which I will speak later.

BOB Strollers

As the due date approaches, I’m finding myself more and more interested in the gear that a baby needs. The last few days I’ve been fixated on strollers for some reason. Following the reccomendation of a friend, I started looking at BOB Strollers and while perusing their website, caught myself exclaiming out loud, “Oh Sweet!”

This is a situation I never really expected to find myself in. If you had told me, even a year ago, that I would be researching technical specifications on a baby stroller, and doing so voluntarily, I likely would have scoffed. And it would have been a loud and mirthful scoffing.

Yet, here I am.

So, let me share. The BOB Revolution is a three wheel folding stroller constructed of a nylon material slung over a welded frame and includes a five point safety harness for the little passenger. The large wheels have composite rims and sit on a suspension that offers 3 inches of travel. The front wheel swivels to deliver some startling maneuverability and can be locked into place for straight travel when you don’t want the wheel to bind. Additionally the wheels have sealed hubs on quick detach axles, a foot actuated parking brake as well as a handbrake for those quick stop situations. A safety wrist strap attaches below the center of gravity to prevent run away strollers and doubles as a securing strap when the stroller is folded.
All that in only 23lbs. AND! It come in several color options, including a subdued black and khaki, just in case the Bean and I find ourselves in a tactical scenario.

As if that wasn’t enough, it has a host of accesories such as an infant car seat adaptor and a cargo kit that transforms the stroller into a handy carry all once your toddler is too old to want to ride. The more I read about this thing, the more I want one for myself, so that some kind giant can push me around.