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Nine months old

Remember all that stuff I said about turning 9 months old? Well, now it’s true.¬† So, I guess, review that stuff.

Curious Captain, they appear to be born pregnant.
Making it to 9 months means crossing a lot of milestones off your checklist of developmental activities. Logan has mastered the pincer grip, which, as it turns out, is a real thing, and not part of a super villain’s oeuvre.

That's some good chewing

He grabs food, puts it in his mouth and almost all the time completely avoids choking. This is significantly more difficult than it appears to me as an adult, and you can read the concentration on his face while he slowly and determinedly grasps a treat, studies it, and crams it in his crier.

That's some good chewing.

Most of the time, the treat is even food. Okay, some of the time.

When you're hungry enough, anything tastes good.

Pretty soon I expect he’ll even be playing the piano, instead of just banging on it with blocks and drooling on the keys.

Piano Lessons

Logan long ago mastered sitting up, and has moved on to standing with the assistance of inanimate objects. After a little bit of practice, he nailed the difficult transition from standing to sitting.

Hey baby, you come here often?
Crawling is something that he still does in the manner of a wounded soldier avoiding machine gun fire, dragging one leg and pulling himself along the floor on his belly. He has, however, increased the speed and range with which he employs this maneuver, as well as the volume and frequency of the excited calking noise that pin points his location in the home. He’s like a bat. That crawls. Sometimes with surprising speed.

Look! Stairs!

Increased crawling has led to increased exploration, frequently at the expense of his parents nerves. No, you can’t play with the bowl of crushed glass, or the pond full of piranha wearing their laser helmets. Put down that hand grenade young man. And keep your distance from covered electrical outlets!

Curious Fingers
We anticipate he will start walking any week now, at which point I’m certain he’ll become much easier to keep track of.

I just made myself laugh.

Big smile

Mea Culpa

Okay, you know what? I’m not a terrible father.

I am, however, pretty bad at math. I have a bachelors degree in Anthropology, largely because the math requirements were so low. And, to be perfectly frank, I failed one of those classes. Multiple times. It’s a personal failing I’ve learned to live with, largely with the assistance of things like calculators, computers, and my wife. I’m sure it won’t be too long before Logan is correcting my math as well.

Ball pit
Next weekend, Logan will be eight months old. Not, as it turns out, nine.

All items must be sorted by their flavor
I’m as disappointed in me as you are.

Here’s a video of Logan crawling.

Equal time


Within¬† a week Logan will be 9 months old and I’ll be 38. It’s just another birthday for me, but for Logan this week is something of a milestone. On the 9th he will have spent as much time outside the womb as he did inside.

The Red Star of Cuteness

It’s not the sort of thing you usually get a card for.

A lecture about the minimum drinking age

Logan continues to develop at what seems like an advanced pace. A few weeks ago he demonstrated the pincer grip. While I thought the pincer grip was an emerging kung fu skill, I was corrected swiftly. It turns out it’s a significant milestone skill in the baby’s life, demonstrating some expanding coordination.


Standing is one of Logan’s new favorite activities. He can’t quite balance by himself, but he’s strong enough to rise and stand on his own, as long as he has something to hold onto. Most often, this has to be or his mother.


Crawling is something that Logan had showed little to no interest in until very recently. Once on his belly, the boy would spread his arms and legs out in airplane maneuver and start crying. We were beginning to suspect he would walk before he crawled.

Trying to crawl

And then he just started doing it. He’s not terribly accomplished at crawling yet, he tends to drag one leg and grunt a lot. He looks for all the world like a miniature wounded soldier attempting to crawl out of no man’s land. He’s working on it though.

The Chompy Monster