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When avacado is the Rubicon

Last week Logan had a routine check up and got his latest vaccination. The little feller is up to 13 lbs now. He’s pretty squarely in the 10th percentile for weight, but he’s still growing and the doctor says he’s perfectly healthy, just on the small side.

Hanging out with poppa.
His five month birthday was on Tuesday and we celebrated by introducing him to solid foods. The doctor said we could start with things like pureed avocado, butternut squash and sweet potatoes. We elected to start with avocado because the only prep required was vigorously beating it with a fork. The others require steaming before vigorous beating with a fork. Since I seem to have trouble updating a blog more than once a week, foods requiring two prep steps are right out.

Five months old
At first Logan was pretty excited about it. He loves to grab things and cram them into his spit hole. Once the little spoon covered in green goo got in though, he quickly cycled through a series of emotions, starting with surprise and ending with confusion.

Avacado, first try, curious
That first time yielded some pretty poor results. He spent most of the time slowly pushing the avocado around with his tongue. His brow furrowed and leaped and if he had eyebrows, they would have danced like a silk worm choking on opium. If he managed to consume any of the avocado during that session it was in error.

Avacado, first try, displeased
The second session went better, and he even seemed to be pleased to participate. He still makes funny faces, but that’s because he’s a baby. He puts down about 2 teaspoons at every sitting and tries to grab at the spoon when he can.

Avacado isn't all bad
He’s even started to interact with cups and glasses. He’ll suck on the spout of a sippy cup without prompting, and gum at the edges of mugs and glasses. We’re not sure if he’s mimicking us, relieving some teething issues, or genuinely desires drinking from them.

Showing an interest in cups

I have a cup!

Grandpa Glenn and Lori visited, requiring a visit to a restaurant. A once regular occurrence that we only occasionally indulge in these days. Logan took this opportunity to try out his glass skills on something more challenging.

Logan and Grandpa Glenn

It's no margherita, but it's a start.
With only minor assistance Logan will stand now, and he can pull himself up to a standing position. His balance is still about equitable to mine after a liter of whiskey though.

Grandpa's hat is too large
More and more often he is sitting up under his own power, and he really seems to enjoy the bumpo seat for this.

Sitting up

Although these pictures seem to give the impression that he enjoys playing with things laid on the tray, these photos were stages. As far as Logan is concerned the tray serves two purposes. It is primarily a place from which to toss things onto the floor, failing that, it is a fine target for spirited beating and slapping.

Reviewing the day's news

Just hanging out, what's up with you baby?

Still no inclination to crawl. I suspect that this is a skill that will be learned during a flash of insight and mastered while our back is momentarily turned.

Why, howdy there pardner

120 Days Later

Today Logan is four months old. It seems like only 120 days ago he was born. My, how time is constant.

Yes? May I help you?
As he gets older he becomes less of a squirming meat bag that leaks and more of a little person. Elements of his personality are starting to emerge.


Like many primates, Logan likes shiny things. Spoon are among his favorite. Soon this will inevitably lead to food being tossed around. For now though, it’s just cute.

Hey! Check it out! A spoon!
The animals have started to take note of him as a person as well. Hondo, in particular, has noticed that Logan has appendages upon which he can rub himself. That cat has always been something of a whore for attention.

Hondo has figured out that he can bet himself on Logan
Puddles for her part, has settled for not running away and hiding when Logan moves. This is progress.

Puddles now tolerates minor contact, but only as long as she doesn't look at Logan

For reasons that evade the most intelligent researchers, the only thing more cute on the internet than cat pictures, is pictures of babies wearing hats.

Grandpa's hat is too large

Logan is working on his McKenzie look

His head is almost big enough to make this hat not cute enough

Also, babies trapped in comically large common household objects. This is science people.

Hark! What fiendish prison is this?

Logan has a deck of alphabet cards that feature differing textures and shiny bits. Naturally he devotes all of his attention to them. At this stage though, all this guarantees is some drooling. Regardless, I’ve taken this as a sign that he will be smarter than his peers.

Learning the alphabet

Momma helps with the alphabet cards
His most recent discovery is his nose. I looked over the other day and Logan had jammed his finger in up to the first digit. He happily left it there for several minutes as we took photos and laughed.

Digging for gold

The unbearable spring of January

In most parts of the country, this time of year is typically marked by long periods of overcast darkness and freezing precipitation. We are not used to this in Las Vegas. A few cloudy days perhaps, maybe some brief rain in the morning a few times a month.

Loving the Bumpo

When we caught a western storm system this last week, it stuck around and rained more or less constantly for six days. I’ve been living in Las Vegas for 16 years. This was unprecedented precipitation. We got half a year’s worth of rain in less than a week.

The jaunt of his hat reminds me of a sailor for some reason.

So when it let up and the sun came out, we bundled Logan up and went out for a walk around the neighborhood. For the most part he seemed to enjoy himself, but didn’t appear to care much for the bright sunlight. Having spent most of this short life in the Morlock friendly interior of our home, this was little surprise.

Out for a walk
Logan has started to take note of his surroundings and is making an increased effort to interact with what’s around him. On a few occasions, he has grabbed ahold of a rattle or a toy. Frequently he will grab at his binky, and he’s taken to gripping at mine or Cameron’s shirt while he sleeps in the wrap.

A steady hand
The real interaction, however, is with the little keyboard. This is an old Casio battery powered keyboard that Cameron received as a child. Something that she used to learn to play the piano. She pulled it out to see if Logan would respond to the interactive noise and blinking lights.

Casio creates memories

We weren’t surprised that it caught his interest, but were a little surprised at just how much he seems to enjoy it. He’s given it a pretty significant beating over the last few days. I expect his first album will be out next year.

Logan working on his Dennis DeYoung skills

Nearly Christmas

We’ve already been to our first Christmas party. Three more to go. Logan slept through most of it, but that’s okay. It’s certainly preferential to the alternative. No one likes a grumpy crying baby.

Not always fun and games

The ladies at the party all loved Logan. I suspect this will be a trend that will last well into his later years. He received a number of “oohs” and “aahs” from his appreciable audience. He seemed particularly taken with Clara.

Clara loves little Logan

I’m glad he was so popular, it provided me an opportunity to do my dad thing; drink a lot of beer and eat a lot of sausage appetizers.

He's a ladies man

Logan has become adapt at holding his head up, and he even has the strength to stand. He lacks the coordination to maintain his own balance, but he definitely has the strength part down pat. It’s sometimes easy to forget he’s less than 3 months old.

That smile

I couldn’t resist buying him this gift for Christmas, even though he’s far too young for it. I also couldn’t resist opening it. When Thinkgeek featured the Tauntaun sleeping bag as an April Fool’s joke, I was one of the thousands who attempted to order it. When they announced that it was a real licensed product, I was one of the first thousand to order it.

A premature Christmas present

Logan won’t be able to use it for some time, but I couldn’t resist. He didn’t seem to really like it much, even after I demonstrated that the zipper pull was a plush lightsaber and pulling it opened up the guts of the Tauntaun. I’m sure he’ll come around.

Escape attempt #1

We had another trip to the pediatrician’s office to meet with our lactation consult. Tami Schollser has been something of a god send for us. When Logan was underweight and having trouble eating, she was able to quickly identify several problems and work with us to correct them. In the six weeks or so that we’ve been seeing her, Logan has put on more than 5 lbs and while he’s still small, he’s growing at a healthy pace.

Tammi Schlosser and her #1 client

As a parting shot, here’s a pic of me and the boy taking a nap. There seems to be an awful lot of gray in my beard.

Taking a nap

Hold your head up, hold your head HIGH

Logan made his first trip to the Pediatrician for a wellness checkup on Thursday. This required a slightly confusing conversation between myself and the receptionist.

2nd month Birthday

“Did you bring Logan’s shot records?” She asked.

“He doesn’t have any, unless the Doctor decides to give him on today.”

Slightly frustrated, she verged on the cusp of a condescending demand, “You don’t  have the records from the hospital?”

“Home birth” was my succinct response to which I was rewarded with some surprised understanding, and a short “Oh, okay.”


That out of the way, the Doctor poked, rubbed, prodded, measured, and examined, in a very doctorly fashion. To the hand clapping delight of my A type over achiever wife, the Doc noted that Logan is displaying motor development skills and strength at a four month level.

Doing push ups

Just yesterday he held onto a rattle for the first time. A task that we’ve been practicing for some time.

Cameron is convinced that he’ll be walking by the time he’s 9 months old. I reckon the super strength and flight won’t start to develop until he’s near puberty. Heat vision could come at any time, but will likely wait until an appropriately embarrassing teenage moment.

What a killer smirk
I can tell you that his weight is up to 10lbs 5oz. He’s a relatively small kid, but the curve on his growth is steady and encouraging. My mother tells me that I was a relatively small child as well. Somewhere along the line I figured out how to correct that, and I’m sure Logan will as well.

Check out the bean wear
The next few weeks should be exciting. Not only do we have a full social calendar that is nearly guaranteed to bring about another cold, but it will be Logan’s first Christmas. This is an event that will require, by act of special congressional session, hundreds of photos and videos.


Bonus video: Logan smiling to himself as he sleeps. I can’t know what he’s dreaming of course, but I suspect it involves boobs. I’ve let him know that this is a common obsession with young children, nothing to be ashamed of, and chances are he’ll grow out of it in, say, 50 to 60 years.

The Baby K’Tan

There are a lot of ways to haul a baby around, many of them are perfectly safe for the child, although I do not recommend a leash and collar for an infant under 20 lbs. If you are among the two to three dozen people that my research indicates can not afford a full time flying nanny who communicates largely in song, then chances are you’ll have to perform this task yourself.

Fortunately for you, there are approximately six consumer products available for every safe infant carrying method. Many of these products are comfortable, safe, and will not burst in to flame when exposed to sunlight, moonlight, water, or nitrogen in greater concentrations than 100 parts per million. I would not recommend those products that do. In a later installment I will give precise and easy to understand instruction on how to identify these dangerous products that could maim you and your baby.

For now though, I’m simply going to tell you about the Baby K’Tan. I’ll start of by saying that we received the Baby K’Tan three days ago, have used it a few times, and not once has it burst into flame. It has not even smoldered or emitted smoke. This is a good sign.

the Baby K'Tan

The Baby K’Tan is an all cotton contraption in the shape of a figure 8. It drapes around the shoulders and crosses the chest in front. The straps are really wide soft strips of cotton that can be folded and twisted to form deep pockets. While you could use these deep soft pockets to store melons, or protect your hoard of walnuts from scavengers through the winter, it works best as an easy way to tote your baby around. Once safely injected into the wrap (instructions are included) your arms are then free to wash dishes, write blog updates or fight off marauding crows looking to steal your walnuts.

Taking a nap in the Baby K'Tan

The Baby K’Tan is similar to a few other popular products that do virtually the same thing, truss up infants, but features a unique set of something or other that has allowed the manufacturer to apply for patent protection. This is likely not surprising to a patent lawyer, but would probably come as a surprise to the millions of mothers who have used nearly identical baby wraps for thousands of years. I’m not saying the Baby K’Tan has ripped off other designs, I’m just saying that there’s a lot of prior art, some of it established by the Mycenaeans.

Which isn’t to say that the Baby K’Tan doesn’t work, because it does what it claims to do rather brilliantly and easily. Toss it around your shoulders, pop in the baby, and off they tend to go to la la land, happily gurgling and snoring away. The Baby K’Tan is easy to don, easy to maintain, and vitally, wraps over both shoulders with wide straps providing even load and relieving back strain considerably. Field reports in the Hawkins family have been positive from both mother and son. I won’t be using it, so I can’t speak empirically. I have no aversion to it, It’s simply too small. The Baby K’Tan comes in 5 sizes. My wife is dainty. This thing would fit on my like a balaclava. For me we have something different, but similar, of which I will speak later.

One week down, 20 years to go.

Today marks Logan’s one week birthday. I’ve been informed that against all reason and practical understanding of chronology, we will celebrate each important anniversary in the boy’s life. In the short term I expect celebrations will be enforced on the fortnight anniversary, the two week anniversary, the moon phase anniversary, the month anniversary and the six week anniversary of his birth.


I’ve yet to be told if this expectation is for the Gregorian calendar alone, or if it will be extended to the Julian calendar, the Hebrew calendar or the more doomsday oriented Mayan calendar. Regardless, I look forward to celebrating the boy’s first Tzolk’in.

Nap time is not as important as playing with ball time

For the curious, he continues to do well, and is a very good sleeper. We are all appreciative of this. You may note a small bulge on his skull. This is a cephalhematoma, a swelling of blood between the skull and periosteum. While not terribly common, it’s not unexpected, and is a result of the boy dropping into position in the pelvis so long before labor began. The swelling will reduce over time as the body reabsorbs the fluid. He has been examined by competent medical professionals and we are assured it’s nothing to be concerned about, and therefore, neither should you.

Grandma gets some quality time in

On choosing a name

Several years ago, while helping her mother and aunt take care of her Grandmother’s personal items, Cameron became interested in collecting old photos and putting together a family tree. This proved to be an ongoing project that has continued to be  rewarding, providing her with the names and faces of many past relatives. Cameron’s grandmother, Francis Maxine Logan, helped raise her during Cameron’s formative years. Maxine’s influence is unmistakable and has had a significant impact on the type of woman Cameron grew to be. Before her Grandmother passed away in December 2007, Cameron made the decision to honor her grandmother’s place and influence in her life by naming any future son after her grandmother’s maiden name. Logan was a name that appealed to Cameron on a variety of levels from simple aesthetic to a desire to venerate her grandmother’s memory and influence. This is a decision not entered into lightly and follows, quite literally, months of discussion, vetting and research.

Logan Family

Lucille, Helen, Sis, Buck, Paul, Jack, Maxine. Taken in their home town of Noel, Missouri

Since a first name was selected that would link the new baby to Cameron’s side of the family, it was decided that a middle name should be selected similarly from Ed’s side of the family. Carrie Olive Garrett was a college educated women from Boone, Iowa and Ed’s great-grandmother. It was unusual for women of the period to have such a high degree of formal education and Carrie prized scholarship, spending time with Ed’s mother, Deborah, teaching her the alphabet and how to read. It is wonderful to honor her and her efforts by linking our son to his heritage with the use of her family’s name.

Cameron with her Grandparents

Cameron, Grandma Maxine, and Grandpa John

We feel that creating a name that is a combination of surnames from both sides of our families will provide our son with a meaningful connection with our past generations. Hopefully, he will someday ask us more about our family history and we will be able to tell him how special his name is to our family. As an aside, you may find it interesting to note that “Cameron” has a Scotch Gaelic origin like “Logan” and “Edward” has an English origin like “Garrett”.We find it interesting,  but we’re huge nerds about names and word origins.

The boy’s name will be Logan Garrett Hawkins.


From a surname which was originally derived from a Scottish place name meaning “little hollow” in Scottish Gaelic.


From an English surname that is derived from the given name Gerald or Garard, both containing the Germanic “gar” element, meaning “spear”.

I need to have a talk with my boy

I can only presume that he’s somehow gotten his hands on my credit card numbers, despite still having a few months left in the womb. We came home to an ominous looking box on our doorstep the other day. Contained inside the box, that was addressed to “Bean Hawkins,” was the following unexpected item.

Star Wars Fishing Rod

At least he’s got good taste.

Bean’s new portraits

Here’s the new ultrasound pics that I promised yesterday. Although we’re both pretty excited about the pics, Cameron is of the opinion that they’re super cute, and I maintain a slightly different position. I think the ultrasound’s “4D” tendency to gloss over some details, combine some features and add a plastic glossy texture to everything makes the pictures a little creepy looking. Especially around the eyes.

Scratching the ear

I’ve been told that the picture of the foot is the cutest of them all. Since it’s the least creepy looking, I’d have to agree.

A tiny foot

Names are still being hotly debated. The Naming Committee has informed me that all Star Wars names will be summarily rejected. Names that had previously been approved, but have been revealed to have a Star Wars connection, should now be considered Unapproved. I guess this means Death Star Hawkins is right out. Another popular suggestion, Danger Dog Hawkins, has also fallen out of favor with the Naming Committee. When less practical suggestions started arriving via Twitter, Cameron noted that “the internet can shove it.”

He seems kinda serene

Despite the Naming Committee’s displeasure with “The Internet” your suggestions are still welcome.

Taking a nap?