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Happy Birthday Logan

At 6:18 this morning, after an astonishingly brief labor, Logan had had enough, and popped right out.

Logan Garret Hawkins

Say hi to the internet son.

Off to the races

At quarter to three this morning, Cameron woke me up to let me know that it seemed like her contractions were starting and that she had called Tiffani, our Doula. We spent another two hours charting contraction duration and separation before we called Tiffani again and she arrived on the scene about 15 minutes ago.

Cameron and I remarked that it seemed like the contractions were coming quickly, but we also admitted to each other that we really didn’t have much in the way of context other than TV and movies, which are notoriously over dramatic.

So, the Doula is here, the birth tub is on the way, the dog is kinda freaked out and there’s a lot of yelling every few minutes. Sounds to me like we’re gonna have a baby.