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Emma’s First Birthday

It hardly seems like there’s been enough time for it, but our dear Mrs. Peel is already one year old. Well, she will be on the 11th.


I was able to arrange travel to Boise for the weekend before, and so we had a birthday party for Emma on Saturday.


The first birthday is a special celebration, and so we got a special cake.


And the Birthday girl wore a special dress.


I prepared a taco bar, and all the neighborhood kids showed up for cake and screaming.


Emma got her first taste of cake and seemed to enjoy the experience.


It snowed that night and most of the morning, so before the party kicked off, the kids and I went and did some sledding in the front yard and street.


Everyone had a good time, and the kids even sang happy birthday to Emma. I have a video of that I’ll share later.



Today is Emma’s seven month birthday. I can’t be with her today. I haven’t actually been able to be with her for several of her monthly birthdays, and that sucks. She’s a beautiful little girl. She’s sitting up by herself now, and she will happily play with her toys, mostly chewing on them. When she sits in the bath, she splashes and cackles with glee. She’s started to try and crawl with some deliberation, and I’m sure that she’ll figure it out any day now. I probably won’t be able to be there for that either. I miss my daughter, even though she takes every opportunity to spit cheese curds into my beard, or down the back of my shirt.






I was in Boise last week for the 4th of July, and it was good to spend some time with the kids. The whole neighborhood turned out to have a party on our driveway, and when the late summer sun finally set, we lit off fireworks that everyone had brought. I can’t tell you how happy I am about the neighborhood we landed in. All the neighborhood kids play together, the parents talk and help each other, it’s a community. It’s kind of like we bought a house using a time machine, and somehow ended up in the 1970s.





I sold what I could and packed what I couldn’t

We’re in our third week in Boise, and Emma would like to update you on our status.

On the 18th, the moving truck came by our house in Vegas, and some very nice men spent two long days putting everything that wasn’t nailed down into boxes, and then loading those boxes into a large truck. They were even kind enough to pack things I asked them not to pack, just in cases I needed them when I got where I was going. Thank god I have all those empty tissue boxes here.

Our moving truck arrives.

Logan did his best to be on his good behavior and not help too much. As a reward for his Herculean effort, we let him sit in the cab of the truck and pretend to drive it. He even got to honk the horn, which was an anemic little squeak instead of the throaty baritone that I had come to expect from films like Smokey and the Bandit. Frankly, I think the driver found it kind of embarrassing.

Logan wanted to drive the moving truck.

For the road trip to Boise I rented an RV. The goal was to provide a larger and more comfortable ride for all involved as well as providing a way for Cameron to breast feed Emma without us having to stop the car every 2 hours. An unexpected bonus that I hadn’t even considered was the on board toilet.

The RV we rented for the drive from Vegas.

Naturally, because he had “driven” the moving truck, Logan wanted to “drive” the RV as well.

Logan wanted to drive the RV

If you rent an RV, remember to buckler in your monkey.

Please fasten your seatbelts and return your monkeys to their full upright position.

When we got to Boise, it was in the middle of the longest and coldest winter weather pattern that any of the locals could remember. Snow, which usually only last a day or two, stuck around for several weeks, and it even snowed a few more times before it turned warmer earlier this week. It was overcast and snowing and foggy so much that it wasn’t until we’d been in the house for two weeks that I realized we had a great view of the Boise foothills out our front window.

The view from our front window of the Boise foothills

Logan, for his part, has loved the snow. He has energetically taken to shoveling snow. Unfortunately, he tends to shovel it out of the yard and into the driveway.

Logan loves the snow.

Emma, is not really a fan of the snow or cold weather. I’m betting that will change as she gets older.

Emma doesn't appear to like the cold as much as her brother.

After a few days of eating off paper plates and sitting on folding chairs, the movers showed up and spent one cold day unloading everything. A great way to meet your new neighbors is to park an 18 wheeler in their yard for twelve hours.

Our household goods arrive during a cold snap.

The new house is a room smaller, and has a two car garage instead of a three car garage. Towards the end of the day it was getting challenging to found places for boxes. For over a week the house looked like the final scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark. As we’ve reached some livable truce with the packed boxes, and cleared enough space to sit by the fireplace, our momentum has dulled and the house now simply looks cluttered.

We're all okay here, how are you?

We’re hanging in there though.

Baby Emma Picture Blast

Here’s a full blast of Baby Emma pictures.

All bundled up for first trip

Emma napping

Nanna and Emma









Lola and Emma

Emma and Auntie Liz and Cousin Samantha

Merry Christmas

The holiday passed us with as little drama as possible for a family trying to take care of a 2 week old baby, plan a move to another state in three weeks, start new jobs in a month, and help two Grandpas through chemo therapy. Everything went smoothly, and sleep deprivation is starting to wane, although Mommy still isn’t sleeping full nights. Unfortunately, that likely won’t change for a month or more.

Christmas Morning

We continued our holiday tradition of dinner at Lola’s house for Christmas Eve. I assumed the duties of chef this year, and cooked a nice Prime Rib Roast, mashed potatoes, green beans, and carrots and parsnips with an orange glaze. According to the immediate reviews from my wife and her mother, everything turned out well.

Christmas Dinner with Lola

This is how I looked after four hours in the kitchen.

Christmas dinner after a few hours of cooking

This is how I looked after four hours in the kitchen, several glasses of wine and a whiskey or two.

Christmas dinner after a few glasses of wine

With his treatment essentially over, we got a visit from Grandpa Glen and Grandma Lori. They got to spend a few days with Logan.

Logan with Grandpa Glen and Grandma Lori

And they got to spend some quality time with Emma.

Emma and Grandpa Glen

They even brought her a birthday cake to celebrate her null birthday.

Emma and Grandpa Glen

When you have a three year old in the house, you never get to open your own presents. Whether this is a positive or negative impact is up to interpretation. Logan has reached that age where he seems to get the most pleasure out of ripping the gift paper off the boxes, and then immediately discarding the unwrapped gift for the next. He seems less interested in the actual gift, than in the cathartic violence of dismembering gift wrapping.

Christmas Morning

Tango, for her part, seemed mostly nonplussed by the entire ordeal.


Logan took the entire holiday in stride, and capped it off by watching the classic Rankin Bass Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer while clutching his stuffed Rudolph.

Watching Rudolph with Rudolph

He was very concerned about the Abominable Snowman.

Watching Rudolph with Rudolph

Need a name? We got a name.

After considerable debate, Baby Tango finally has a real name.

Emma Adelaide Hawkins

Emma Adelaide Hawkins. Say “hello.”

Further photographic evidence of reproduction

Now that we have a nights sleep (more or less) behind us, here are some additional photos from Tango’s birth.

Begining labor

Baby Tango and Momma

Daddy and Baby Tango

First family portrait

Lastly, here’s a picture of the knife I used to cut the umbilical. When she gets old enough, I’ll pass it on to her as an heirloom.

Olamic Cutlery Suna

Happy Birthday baby Tango

Tango arrived at 6:41 this evening. She was six pounds eleven ounces and twenty inches long.

Tango has arrived

It’s been a few hours, so she looks a lot less like a tiny Ed Asner now.

We still haven’t decided on a name yet.

Tango goes 4D

Logan and I took Cameron for a 4D ultrasound last week. I tend to find the 4D pictures a little creepy, but these seem to have come out well.


The smile helps.


It took a considerable amount of probing, prodding and position changes to get Tango into the right spot, but eventually she accommodated us. The technician assured us that she could tell Tango had a lot of hair, which led me to ask whose baby it really was.

Breaking fetal development news: photo update

As promised; delivered. The latest ultrasound pics of Tango. Presumably, at some point soon, we’ll begin narrowing down the list of names that are appropriate to call a baby.

Tango's profile

Here you can see a pic of Tango’s profile. The doctor noted that her cheekbones are already calcifying, which I presume means she’ll inherit her mother’s beautiful cheek structure.

It's a girl.

This photo points out the physiological proof of Tango’s gender. I’m not a perinatal physician or an ultrasound technician, so I’m entirely certain what kind of proof this is. I can, however, read clearly typed English, so I can easily determine that this is, in fact, a girl.

The obligatory creepy picture.

Lastly we have the obligatory photo where the baby looks more like a creepy alien, and less like a cuddly wuddly diaper filler.