Ed and Cameron Hawkins have been married since August 24th 2003. They have a dog, Puddles, whom they love, and two cats, Hondo and Little Bear, whom they mostly tolerate. In return, the cats have agreed to not steal their souls while they sleep. The dog enforces the accord by chasing the cats, barking at the wind, slobbering, and hiding in laundry.

Little Bear and Hondo

In October, Ed and Cameron are expecting their first child. This is a big deal for them, since Ed is mostly just a very tall child himself.

Ed is a veteran of the US Army, a suit wearing bureaucrat at a University, and pretends to be a writer.

Cameron is an accomplished ballerina, bakes delicious cookies and is completing her Doctorate in Biomechanical Engineering. She is smarter than you.

Ed and Cameron

Ed and Cameron live in the mountains between Las Vegas and Boulder Dam.