Emma’s First Birthday

It hardly seems like there’s been enough time for it, but our dear Mrs. Peel is already one year old. Well, she will be on the 11th.


I was able to arrange travel to Boise for the weekend before, and so we had a birthday party for Emma on Saturday.


The first birthday is a special celebration, and so we got a special cake.


And the Birthday girl wore a special dress.


I prepared a taco bar, and all the neighborhood kids showed up for cake and screaming.


Emma got her first taste of cake and seemed to enjoy the experience.


It snowed that night and most of the morning, so before the party kicked off, the kids and I went and did some sledding in the front yard and street.


Everyone had a good time, and the kids even sang happy birthday to Emma. I have a video of that I’ll share later.


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  1. Nana
    Posted January 5, 2014 at 17:19 | Permalink

    Gosh, does no one read this anymore? Ed you planned & pulled off a great party! I’m not sure what was tastier, tacos or cake? The kids all enjoyed the snow play. She’s a fun little girl

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