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Breaking fetal development news: photo update

As promised; delivered. The latest ultrasound pics of Tango. Presumably, at some point soon, we’ll begin narrowing down the list of names that are appropriate to call a baby.

Tango's profile

Here you can see a pic of Tango’s profile. The doctor noted that her cheekbones are already calcifying, which I presume means she’ll inherit her mother’s beautiful cheek structure.

It's a girl.

This photo points out the physiological proof of Tango’s gender. I’m not a perinatal physician or an ultrasound technician, so I’m entirely certain what kind of proof this is. I can, however, read clearly typed English, so I can easily determine that this is, in fact, a girl.

The obligatory creepy picture.

Lastly we have the obligatory photo where the baby looks more like a creepy alien, and less like a cuddly wuddly diaper filler.

Breaking fetal development news

Tango’s gender has been confirmed via ultrasound as female. Logan will be getting a little sister for Christmas. Grainy photos to follow.

Bang your head.

A quick update from our resident laugh expert.

SDCC12 Show

Status Update: Potty Training

Logan frequently pees in the potty when he sits on it prior to his bath.

Potty training

Sometimes, without warning, Logan will announce, “There is no poop poo in my pants!” Generally this is an indication that there is, in fact, poop poo in his pants. So, some gains and some losses, but overall, positive performance.