Monthly Archives: June 2012


Cameron takes an annual trip to visit with friends of hers that she went to college with. In recent years this has resulted in a long weekend trip to Denver accompanied by Logan. This year, two of the other ladies have infants in addition to their previously acquired toddlers, and Cameron is pregnant.


So they invited the husbands.


I suspect this was largely a ploy to get babysitting services, and provide them the opportunity to do girl things. Like pedicures, and gossip, and engineering.


After a short visit to the Denver Mint, of which we have no photos because photos are not allowed, we drove up into the mountains to spend a week in a time share at the bottom of ski slope. Breckenridge is a beautiful town with alpine forests. The air is thin and crisp, the evenings cool, and the sky blue. It reminded me a lot of my childhood in Alaksa, and I took a little time to try and infatuate Logan with the forest.


A word of warning; if you ever get the opportunity to spend a week in a time share with a pregnant wife suffering from morning sickness, five other adults, three toddlers, and two infants, think hard about your answer. I love my friends, and I cherish the time I get to spend with them, but I can only cherish them so much before I need peace and quiet.


The time share had a great kiddie pool, and so Logan got to do a lot of swimming. If you ask him, that’s all that really matters.


That, and the giant Nutella crepe he got to eat. That was pretty important too.


Tango Bravo Delta

This is a picture from an 11 week ultrasound. It’s about three weeks old, and the due date is the second week of December.

Tango Bravo Delta

The doctor says everything looks normal. We don’t know what the gender is yet, but I’m calling it as a girl. We’ll see. For now were just calling the baby Tango.