Monthly Archives: April 2012

My Son the garden gnome.

Logan appears to be ready for a long career of watching someone’s tree grow.

My son the Garden Gnomel

Meeting new friends

Logan and I stopped at the park on the way home the other day, and all he wanted to do was run up the hill, and then run down the hill. Alternatively, he insisted that I either follow him up and down, or stay where I was and let him run right at me. I tried to explain that I couldn’t really run up and down the hill very much, but he didn’t seem particularly interested in my excuses.

The growth rate of children and the surprise their parents exhibit about it is well documented, so I will spare you my commentary on just how tall he is, how he finally has some hair, and how I don’t have to lean down anymore to hold his hand when we cross the street.

A sharp dressed little man

Recently Logan got the chance to meet a horse. He was pretty excited until the horse started snuffling his hand for an apple, then it got too real for him. He insisted on calling the horse a doggy.

Logan meets a horse

We also got to meet Curious George during a recent even at the Lied Children’s Discovery Museum. Logan loves Curious George. It’s one of the few TV shows he watches and he will stand in the middle of the living room, transfixed and motionless for 22 minutes.

Meeting George

When Logan got the chance to meet George in person, his eyes got huge and his mouth dropped open. He ran at George and gripped him around the waist in a fierce hug.

Meeting George

Considerable negotiations were required to convince Logan to release George.

Meeting George