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Pumkin Patch Slide

October means pumpkins. According to all the lore of Charles Schulz, pumpkins are acquired at a pumpkin patch. Fortunately, and perhaps somewhat puzzlingly, Las Vegas has a pumpkin patch. For reasons that aren’t entirely clear to me, the pumpkin patch has a lot of carnival type rides. No matter the reason, Logan wanted to try the giant inflatable slide. As you can see, he was somewhat intimidated by the height once he got to the top.

Immediately after I stopped filming that short ride, he demanded “AGAIN!” and ran to the ladder. The second ascent was much quicker, and emboldened by his previous success, Logan barreled down for a second descent. What appeared like a fairly dramatic somersault at the bottom only seemed to delight him, and ended in cackles of glee.

Second Birthday Party

Over the last few months Logan has developed a keen interest in Curious George. His new found fascination with monkeys is largely the result of repeated viewings of the film Curious George, starring the bored voice of Will Ferrell, and Curious George 2: Follow that Monkey. Both of these films are terrible. The execrable qualities of the first film are only complicated, and exasperated if one can believe it, in the sequel by the lack of things like; voice talent, animation quality, and a sense that anyone working did anything other than show up to cash a paycheck.

Helping daddy with the internet
That being said, my two year old son loves them both. So, I guess they did something right.

Laugh riot

Logan’s fondness for Curious George requires him to shout out “MONKEY” every time the TV is turned on, and to lament “No Tup Tup (Star Trek) dada. Monkey!” If Monkey is not forthcoming, one of a series of scripted tantrums will play out with all the melodrama, and cliche of a penny dreadful.

Looking good

Since Curious George (MONKEY!) is virtually the only thing other than dirty diapers (YUCK!) that Logan holds a strong opinion on, we elected to use it as the theme for his birthday party.

Our friend Kat, with the assistance of Heidi, made this awesome Curious George cake. That’s two years in a row that Kat has delivered the goods for Logan’s Birthday. You may recall she made this awesome train cake for his first birthday. If Kat isn’t careful she’s going to become a traditional element of our son’s birthday parties.

Logan's 2nd birthday Curious George cake.
Logan, by the way, loves the cake.

The party was a hit. Friends came by. We ate some snacks. We sang Happy Birthday, and Logan played with his favorite new toy, a backyard slide.

Monkey rides the slide
He was so excited about it, he even helped me put it together.

Helping Daddy put the slide together

He likes the slide so much he has a tendency to bring his stuffed animals along and coach them on the proper way to descend the plastic slope. I don’t appear to have any pictures of that yet, so I’ll close with a picture of Logan wearing my shoes.

Wearing daddy's shoes.