Monthly Archives: September 2011

Art was made.

Very early on we realized that the onerous and sometimes challenging task of changing a diaper could be significantly mitigated by providing Logan with some Diaper Time distraction toys. For a while he was satisfied by simple objects, but the novelty wore of swiftly when he entered the cognitive development zone that required manipulation of buttons and widgets.

For a time he played with Cameron’s old cell phone. That stopped the day we realized you could still dial emergency services, even without a sim card installed. After Grandma apologized to the operator, the cell phone was consigned to the Shelf of Forgotten Toys.


We replaced the cell phone with an old digital camera. It was broken in such a way that it could not produce images, but would still power on and make flashes and boops and beeps. It was an instant hit.

Recently Logan found the Not Broken digital camera. It had been left unsecured somewhere in the living room. He immediately set upon the task of making art.