Monthly Archives: July 2011

Spring turns to summer.

Easter has come and gone, and with it the unusually pleasant weather we got this year. We spent a lot of time sitting outside in our backyard, and just enjoying how little the desert sun was trying to kill us. We even had an Easter egg hunt for Logan and his cousin Samantha. Now it is summer and hot, and time to reflect on when it was not.

Hunting for eggs

When not hunting for eggs, Logan seems to really enjoy pushing things around the yard. We bought him a little cart so he’d have something to play with, to stack things in, and to push around.

Pushing the cart

For whatever reason though, he seems to get the most fun from pushing around the coolers. He likes it so much he cackles to himself while going about whatever task he believes he’s accomplishing.

Logan loves pushing the coolers around

He’s also taken to playing in the pet’s beds. I’m not sure what that’s about. Maybe it’s just because it’s soft and his size.

Logan loves to play in the pet's bed.

Other normal tasks that Logan gets significant pleasure from; washing his hands, putting garbage in the garbage can, putting shoes away. The boy loves shoes. Taking them off, putting them on, arranging them on the rack. Recently he demanded to try on my boots. He wasn’t quite tall enough for it.

Trying on daddy's boots.