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New York City!

Every few years Cameron and I talk about leaving Las Vegas. Las Vegas is an abominably hot and dusty, windblown bit of unpleasant desert popped down in one of the most inhospitable locations within in the borders of the United States. Traffic is terrible, the housing market has collapsed, Lake Mead is rapidly evaporating, the local economy is a monolithic weak link, and the school district is overpopulated and underfunded.

Despite all that, we have many friends, family and roots in this city. That is a tough thing to abandon. I’ve been here for 17 years, longer than I’ve ever lived anywhere else. Cameron has for all intents and purposes lived her entire life here. Time makes friends of many unpleasant things.

Lunch with Steve.

The writing is on the wall though. As bad as Vegas has always seemed to me, it’s getting worse. The economy shows every sign of collapsing on itself with the weight of a regretful mountain, and it’s taking schools and social services right down the rabbit hole. It’s not really a place I want to raise my son.

Since Cameron completed her Phd. it seemed like an opportunity to cast our net, and look for new digs. She’s been submitting her resume to a number of universities looking for a research or teaching faculty position. We’ve been aiming for the pacific northwest.

On the airplane again.
And so we ended up taking a trip to New England so she could attend an interview. We made a little family vacation out of it, visiting New York City and Connecticut.

While Cameron was attending to her interviewing, Logan and I got to do a lot of exciting things.

Like visit the Bronx Zoo.

Bronx Zoo. Still a little nippy in March.
And the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk.

Huge turtle!
And the Beardsley Zoo.

An Andean bear that Logan has identified as

And the Discovery Museum.

Ralph Kramden training simulator
Logan liked the sea otters.

That blur is a sea otter swimming past
And the Prairie Dogs.

Ground hogs!
But like always, he was most excited about the hotel room.

Travel crib.
When Cameron was done, we did other tourist things.

First trip to the beach.
We visited the beach.

First trip to the beach.
We ate yogurt with fury and vigor.

We tried to go to the Statue of Liberty.

We never made it to the statue of liberty
But it was much colder than we anticipated, and the line for the ferry was very long.

Waiting in line for the ferry

After an hour of standing in line and only making it a third of the way to the end, I decided we’d spent enough time in the cold, and we crossed the street to the National Museum of the American Indian.
Iniside the tipi
After we warmed up in the teepee, we walked up the street to see the construction progress at Ground Zero.

Logan does not understand our interest in this building under construction

All that activity can be hard on a little fella though. On the way back to the hotel, he nodded off. It was a tough couple of days for all of us.

Long day playing tourist