Monthly Archives: January 2011

Logan vs. Penguin

One of the gifts that Logan has recently received is this inflatable penguin. It’s weighted on the bottom giving it the stability of a Weeble Wobble, and has some balls that roll around inside behind a clear window. The part that really interests Logan, and terrifies Puddles, is the motion sensor. Every time the penguin is moved or pushed, it laughs manically and makes some music. Naturally Logan feels compelled to drag it around the house.

Naturally, Puddles runs in terror and hides when all of this is going down.

Red Rock Canyon

With the brutal Vegas winter weather dipping back into the 60s, we decided to take advantage of the moment. Red Rock Canyon is a marvel of Vegas. Just minutes outside town, you can hike, climb rock faces, ride a bike along the scenic loop and visit never know you were within miles of a major entertainment city. And yet, I haven’t been in probably ten years. So we went hiking.

Lost Creek Falls

I want Logan to grow up doing active, interesting, things. This means that I have to do active interesting things, which is good, because I need motivation to get off my ass and do stuff sometimes.

Lost Creek Falls

We hiked out to Lost Creek, a short little jaunt of less than a mile that ends in a seasonal waterfall. The BOB stroller did not turn out to be as adept at hiking as I thought it would. I should amend that. It was great at hiking. It was terrible at bouldering.

The BOB was not as handy at hiking as anticipated

We left it behind and I carried him the rest of the way.

Lost Creek Falls

He seemed to enjoy himself, but it’s hard to tell with Logan sometimes.

Hiking at Red Rock

As usual he was most interested in the mundane, and delighted in walking in the gravel around the visitor’s center, and climbing on the benches.

Top of the world ma!

Yesterday’s Holidays

The holidays were a busy time. It seems like they’re always a busy time for us. Between Cameron’s semester finals, and my acute case of Bahhumbug, it seems like we never have the time to do the things that need doing around the end of the year. This year was a little different though. Cameron was graduating with a Phd in Engineering, and we had a 1 year old demanding our constant attention. So, we had like, double negative time. Is that a thing? I hope so, cause that’s what we had. It’s the middle of January, and I just now feel like we’re returning to normal.

So serious

In rapid succession Cameron defended her thesis, we flew to Texas for Thanksgiving, Cameron attended her graduation ceremony, Grandpa Glenn showed up for an early Christmas, shortly followed by real Christmas celebrated at four different households, Christmas break, New Year’s Eve, Grandma Deb’s Boot Camp, New Year’s day and finally first day in the toddler classroom.

Dr. Cameron and son
So you can see it was busy.

Happy Holidays
November was Logan’s first airplane trip.

Junior League Assistant Pilot
December was Logan’s first tricycle,

and first set of blocks featuring the Periodic Table of Elements.

New blocks!
January was Mommy and Daddy’s first night out alone in nearly a year.

NYE 2010

We started stacking blocks.

We wore funny hats.

Reindeer Games
We got our picture taken with Santa.

Santa and Logan 2010
And we played with many, many, empty cardboard boxes.

This box is my new toy