Logan’s First Year

This has been a year full of new experiences and new revelations both about the world around me, and myself. It has been a year of reflection on my past, and my relationships with my family. More than anything though, it’s been a fast year.

Mommy and Logan
In only a year Logan has grown out of being a warm to the touch biological machine designed to process food into poop, pushed straight on through infancy, and become a little boy.

He had his first birthday and all the sudden he’s a little man.

Logan hangs around like a monkey
Still not really walking though. Kind of a lazy little man. He’ll stand up sometimes, and every once in a while he’ll take a step or two. Not soon after though, a confused expression wanders across his face that says “Why am I using my legs like a sucker?” and he gently settles back into a crawl.

Checking out the fire pit
His birthday party went off splendidly. A lot of our friends showed up to help him celebrate. The Taco Man came, and made tacos for everyone. The BEST tacos. Little street tacos prepared on the spot. He brought his own griddle so the meat was hot and fresh, a whole table of salsas and condiments and giant jug of pineapple juice. It was like having authentic Mexican street tacos right in our backyard, without all the pesky dysentery. Taco Man is awesome.

The Taco Man
Our friend Kat made Logan just about the best cake ever. Three tiers with an edible train that ran along the outside toting a little tiny personal cake for the birthday boy. I helped. I made the little sculptures of Logan and Puddles out of gum paste.

Train Cake

Cake detail

Not only was it beautiful, it was delicious.

Birthday Cake Revelation Cycle: Vigorous Indulgence
Logan though so to. It was his first taste of cake. Pretty near to his first experience with refined sugar, as his mother and I have very carefully warded his diet.

Birthday Cake Revelation Cycle: Demand for More
He seemed to enjoy it.

He also enjoyed opening his gifts.

Although sometimes it appears he enjoys the paper included with the gift more than the gift.

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