Monthly Archives: August 2010

July is no June, but it’s not August yet either. No. Wait, it’s already August too.

‪July was a busy month around here. The evidence of this ‬is that I’ve not filed an update here in over a month. At the end of July I exhibited with World Famous Comics at the San Diego International Comic Con. It is the largest convention of it’s kind in the world, and attendance this year was in the range of 140,000 people. It’s a lot of fun, and I’ve met a lot of really good people there over the years. But it’s physically taxing. I’m not as young as I used to be, and every year it gets harder to stand in a booth for 8 hours and then spend all night drinking.

Brian Miller, Me, and the Fillbach Brothers, Matt and Shawn

After a week of that, it takes me a while to decompress and get back in the swing of my normal life.

Choose the red pill

The past month has been full of milestones.

Commander Hawkins was ambushed by a dresser drawer during an away party mission.

We had our first boo boo that required a bandaid.

Cabinet lock out

We discovered that kitchen cabinets open.

Baby fist bump.

We had our first fist bump.

Babies, like cats, are compelled to unroll and destroy toilet paper.

We learned that toilet paper is fun.

Ravioli, a new favorite

We started feeding ourselves.

10 months old

We turned 10 months old.

The big boy seat

We took our first walk in the stroller without the car seat.

Consoling a boo boo

Of course, I’m using the royal “we” to speak about Logan. I’ve already done all those things. Except feeding myself. That’s a new milestones for me as well.

He hasn't quite got the hang of water bottles

The doctor gave Logan a clean bill of health during his July checkup and he weighed in at 17lbs. Still very much on the small side, but he continues to grow at a pace he’s set for himself. Any concern we have for his low weight is diminished by watching him eat. Logan can hold his own spoon now, and about 2 times out of three even manages to get the food in his mouth.

This is, very likely, not the door of perception

Two more months and my little fella will be a year old.