Weekend Adventure Fun Time

There are a lot of things you expect to find in Las Vegas; bright lights, playing cards, flashy whores. These are expected items, frequently included on many To Do lists of sun struck tourists. Among the things you rarely expect to find in Las Vegas is an orchard.

A sunny day in the orchard
I’m  not sure what I was expecting when I heard about the Gilcrease Orchard. Sandy dunes separated with sickly rows of brown twigs hung with crow picked rotters perhaps. What I didn’t expect to find was a proper orchard. Long rows of green fruit trees laden with plump offerings. This wasn’t simply near Las Vegas, or in the same county as Las Vegas, this was in Las Vegas. Bordered on several sides by residential neighborhoods.

Gilcrease Orchard
Frankly, I’m still a bit in shock.

Jason provides valuable advice.
We pulled in some nice zucchini, apricots, Yukon Gold potatoes and some ridiculously delicious apple cider.

Plucking the fruit
On Sunday, we tucked over to Grandma Cora’s to combine Logan’s 8 month birthday a week late, with Father’s Day, a week early. Like all proper secular holidays, age related celebrations and themed parades, we celebrated with barbecue ribs and Boston cream pie. Since the week had warmed from two days of cooling clouds and light rain, we opted for a bit of a swim. This was Logan’s first experience with a swimming pool. He didn’t appear to enjoy it much.

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