When avacado is the Rubicon

Last week Logan had a routine check up and got his latest vaccination. The little feller is up to 13 lbs now. He’s pretty squarely in the 10th percentile for weight, but he’s still growing and the doctor says he’s perfectly healthy, just on the small side.

Hanging out with poppa.
His five month birthday was on Tuesday and we celebrated by introducing him to solid foods. The doctor said we could start with things like pureed avocado, butternut squash and sweet potatoes. We elected to start with avocado because the only prep required was vigorously beating it with a fork. The others require steaming before vigorous beating with a fork. Since I seem to have trouble updating a blog more than once a week, foods requiring two prep steps are right out.

Five months old
At first Logan was pretty excited about it. He loves to grab things and cram them into his spit hole. Once the little spoon covered in green goo got in though, he quickly cycled through a series of emotions, starting with surprise and ending with confusion.

Avacado, first try, curious
That first time yielded some pretty poor results. He spent most of the time slowly pushing the avocado around with his tongue. His brow furrowed and leaped and if he had eyebrows, they would have danced like a silk worm choking on opium. If he managed to consume any of the avocado during that session it was in error.

Avacado, first try, displeased
The second session went better, and he even seemed to be pleased to participate. He still makes funny faces, but that’s because he’s a baby. He puts down about 2 teaspoons at every sitting and tries to grab at the spoon when he can.

Avacado isn't all bad
He’s even started to interact with cups and glasses. He’ll suck on the spout of a sippy cup without prompting, and gum at the edges of mugs and glasses. We’re not sure if he’s mimicking us, relieving some teething issues, or genuinely desires drinking from them.

Showing an interest in cups

I have a cup!

Grandpa Glenn and Lori visited, requiring a visit to a restaurant. A once regular occurrence that we only occasionally indulge in these days. Logan took this opportunity to try out his glass skills on something more challenging.

Logan and Grandpa Glenn

It's no margherita, but it's a start.
With only minor assistance Logan will stand now, and he can pull himself up to a standing position. His balance is still about equitable to mine after a liter of whiskey though.

Grandpa's hat is too large
More and more often he is sitting up under his own power, and he really seems to enjoy the bumpo seat for this.

Sitting up

Although these pictures seem to give the impression that he enjoys playing with things laid on the tray, these photos were stages. As far as Logan is concerned the tray serves two purposes. It is primarily a place from which to toss things onto the floor, failing that, it is a fine target for spirited beating and slapping.

Reviewing the day's news

Just hanging out, what's up with you baby?

Still no inclination to crawl. I suspect that this is a skill that will be learned during a flash of insight and mastered while our back is momentarily turned.

Why, howdy there pardner

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