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120 Days Later

Today Logan is four months old. It seems like only 120 days ago he was born. My, how time is constant.

Yes? May I help you?
As he gets older he becomes less of a squirming meat bag that leaks and more of a little person. Elements of his personality are starting to emerge.


Like many primates, Logan likes shiny things. Spoon are among his favorite. Soon this will inevitably lead to food being tossed around. For now though, it’s just cute.

Hey! Check it out! A spoon!
The animals have started to take note of him as a person as well. Hondo, in particular, has noticed that Logan has appendages upon which he can rub himself. That cat has always been something of a whore for attention.

Hondo has figured out that he can bet himself on Logan
Puddles for her part, has settled for not running away and hiding when Logan moves. This is progress.

Puddles now tolerates minor contact, but only as long as she doesn't look at Logan

For reasons that evade the most intelligent researchers, the only thing more cute on the internet than cat pictures, is pictures of babies wearing hats.

Grandpa's hat is too large

Logan is working on his McKenzie look

His head is almost big enough to make this hat not cute enough

Also, babies trapped in comically large common household objects. This is science people.

Hark! What fiendish prison is this?

Logan has a deck of alphabet cards that feature differing textures and shiny bits. Naturally he devotes all of his attention to them. At this stage though, all this guarantees is some drooling. Regardless, I’ve taken this as a sign that he will be smarter than his peers.

Learning the alphabet

Momma helps with the alphabet cards
His most recent discovery is his nose. I looked over the other day and Logan had jammed his finger in up to the first digit. He happily left it there for several minutes as we took photos and laughed.

Digging for gold