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The unbearable spring of January

In most parts of the country, this time of year is typically marked by long periods of overcast darkness and freezing precipitation. We are not used to this in Las Vegas. A few cloudy days perhaps, maybe some brief rain in the morning a few times a month.

Loving the Bumpo

When we caught a western storm system this last week, it stuck around and rained more or less constantly for six days. I’ve been living in Las Vegas for 16 years. This was unprecedented precipitation. We got half a year’s worth of rain in less than a week.

The jaunt of his hat reminds me of a sailor for some reason.

So when it let up and the sun came out, we bundled Logan up and went out for a walk around the neighborhood. For the most part he seemed to enjoy himself, but didn’t appear to care much for the bright sunlight. Having spent most of this short life in the Morlock friendly interior of our home, this was little surprise.

Out for a walk
Logan has started to take note of his surroundings and is making an increased effort to interact with what’s around him. On a few occasions, he has grabbed ahold of a rattle or a toy. Frequently he will grab at his binky, and he’s taken to gripping at mine or Cameron’s shirt while he sleeps in the wrap.

A steady hand
The real interaction, however, is with the little keyboard. This is an old Casio battery powered keyboard that Cameron received as a child. Something that she used to learn to play the piano. She pulled it out to see if Logan would respond to the interactive noise and blinking lights.

Casio creates memories

We weren’t surprised that it caught his interest, but were a little surprised at just how much he seems to enjoy it. He’s given it a pretty significant beating over the last few days. I expect his first album will be out next year.

Logan working on his Dennis DeYoung skills

The Holidays

For people who claim to prefer spending their time at home, we seem to end up spending a lot of time at holiday parties. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, in my opinion. Holiday parties are a great place to get some free snacks.

Carving the Christmas roast

It’s also good for free babysitting. Show up, pass your baby off to someone else and enjoy the party. In my experience, your friends will gleefully spend as much time as is available cooing and making faces at the baby, freeing you up for more adult activities, such as eating free food and ducking your parental responsibilities.

Cat and Logan

We’re lucky to have so many good friends.

Mocking a baby is a lot more fun than you'd think

Logan will be three months old on Saturday. In some ways, it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long, while in others, it feels like he’s taking his own sweet time growing up. I’m split between wanting to enjoy these brief moments of relative calm prior to a mobilized infant, and a strong desire for him to finish growing up so he can do all my household chores.

Smiling can be hard work
As Logan becomes more aware of his surroundings he moves through a number of cognitive actions and practices. As an anthropologist, I’m fascinated by his cognitive development. Learning to grab the loose material on his shirt, seems like something of a victory to him, even if all he can seem to do with the discovery is jam the material in his mouth. Nearly every day he discovers his own feet, and seems genuinely surprised each time.

Amelly reaches out to Logan
The last few days I’ve been attempting to teach him to get his thumb in his mouth, so he can self satisfy his oral comfort and relieve his mother and I of doing so. This has turned out to be a significant challenge of dexterity for everyone. He’s more than capable of sticking his thumb out from his hand. Once it’s placed in his mouth, however, it causes such a paroxysm of spastic joy, that he clenches his fist in glee, and forcefully ejects the thumb.

Grandpa Ron babysits

I’m sure that with repeated practice, we’ll all get the hang of it.

Sleeps like his mother

Here are some Holiday pictures of babies that are not mine, but are still cute.

Luke never misses a chance to ham it up for the camera

JT at play

Michelle and the other Logan