The Hawkins family has a holiday tradition. Every year at Thanksgiving we gather at one of our homes and combine Thanksgiving and Christmas in a whirlwind weekend celebration that my mother calls Thanksmas.

Cameron and Tekla investigate Logan

Each year we rotate hosting duties so that everyone gets a chance to fill their house with drunk family and everyone gets an opportunity to experience the slapstick comedy of holiday travel. Due to a unique set of circumstances, we have hosted two years in a row.

Baby's First Thanksgiving
This year was Logan’s first Thanksgiving and he celebrated like all Hawkins men do, by sitting around with a glassy eyed expression, over eating, and releasing the infrequent fart or belch.

Baby and Daddy

Because I had to split my attention between infant duties and cooking, I dialed it down a bit this year, and even requested help with some of the cooking. My father helped out considerably, for which I am grateful.

Logan and Grandpa

The menu was lighter than in the past; Turkey, pulled pork, mashed potatoes, maple roasted turnips, Brussels sprouts with hazel nut butter, grilled carrots glazed with honey and balsamic vinegar, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, pumpkin pie and pecan pie.  All made from scratch, of course.

Tenting the turkey

Despite the light menu, everyone seemed satisfied.

The remains of the meal

So I lit a fire and we had S’mores.

Fire makes so many things good
Then we discovered that a pit fire seems to give babies nasal congestion. Now he and mommy both have a cold.

Post Thanksgiving S'more roasting

Lesson learned.

Puddles greets visitors

Everyone’s left now, and we’re slowly recovering from a house full of family and cleaning the kitchen four times a day. Our house seems a little more empty, and a little more lonely. You can see the rest of the pictures, including such fan favorites as; my Nephew Nathaniel Wearing A Pirate Hat, Logan Smiling, and Aromatics I Stuffed Into The Turkey, here.

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