Monthly Archives: May 2009

Bean’s new portraits

Here’s the new ultrasound pics that I promised yesterday. Although we’re both pretty excited about the pics, Cameron is of the opinion that they’re super cute, and I maintain a slightly different position. I think the ultrasound’s “4D” tendency to gloss over some details, combine some features and add a plastic glossy texture to everything makes the pictures a little creepy looking. Especially around the eyes.

Scratching the ear

I’ve been told that the picture of the foot is the cutest of them all. Since it’s the least creepy looking, I’d have to agree.

A tiny foot

Names are still being hotly debated. The Naming Committee has informed me that all Star Wars names will be summarily rejected. Names that had previously been approved, but have been revealed to have a Star Wars connection, should now be considered Unapproved. I guess this means Death Star Hawkins is right out. Another popular suggestion, Danger Dog Hawkins, has also fallen out of favor with the Naming Committee. When less practical suggestions started arriving via Twitter, Cameron noted that “the internet can shove it.”

He seems kinda serene

Despite the Naming Committee’s displeasure with “The Internet” your suggestions are still welcome.

Taking a nap?

It’s a boy

Just had our second ultrasound and found out we’re having a boy. There was some question as to whether we would wait to find out now or at the birth. Cameron wanted to wait and I didn’t see the point in doing so. At the last minute she had a change of heart. I think it’s when she saw the little foot.

There are pictures that I’ll post as soon as we get back home, I’m updating this from the doctor’s office.

BabyTime Expo

This morning Cameron and I drove down to the Southpoint Casino to attend the BabyTime Expo. We were lured by their colorful website and attractive offers of valuable information for parents of newborns and infants. I was expecting something along the lines of a gun show, or a boat show, with the operative focus on babies. I’ve never attended a baby expo, but I’ve attended plenty of other shows that revolve around shooting things, driving things, or computing things, so I felt this was a fair expectation.

What I was not expecting, was something far more… pathetic. For the most part, I was correct. It was arranged as a typical trade show focused on babies and there were a number of vendors in the exhibit hall displaying wares related to the care and nurturing on infants. Given the size of the crowd waiting to get into the exhibit hall though, I was more than a little underwhelmed to discover the actual size of the show.

The exhibit space appeared to be right around 15k sqf. What vendors were present didn’t seem to have the focus that you would normally associated with a trade show that has a noun in its name. Alternating with exhibits on over priced gimmick blankets and sippy cups, were booths devoted to landscaping, Mary Kay cosmetics, and California Balsamic Vinegar.

I’m not using hyperbole when I claim that we spent more time in line waiting to buy tickets, than we did actually in the show room. I took some pictures that were intended to display the disparity between the length of the entrance line and the volume of vendors, but in the end it didn’t even seem worth the trouble.