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BOB Strollers

As the due date approaches, I’m finding myself more and more interested in the gear that a baby needs. The last few days I’ve been fixated on strollers for some reason. Following the reccomendation of a friend, I started looking at BOB Strollers and while perusing their website, caught myself exclaiming out loud, “Oh Sweet!”

This is a situation I never really expected to find myself in. If you had told me, even a year ago, that I would be researching technical specifications on a baby stroller, and doing so voluntarily, I likely would have scoffed. And it would have been a loud and mirthful scoffing.

Yet, here I am.

So, let me share. The BOB Revolution is a three wheel folding stroller constructed of a nylon material slung over a welded frame and includes a five point safety harness for the little passenger. The large wheels have composite rims and sit on a suspension that offers 3 inches of travel. The front wheel swivels to deliver some startling maneuverability and can be locked into place for straight travel when you don’t want the wheel to bind. Additionally the wheels have sealed hubs on quick detach axles, a foot actuated parking brake as well as a handbrake for those quick stop situations. A safety wrist strap attaches below the center of gravity to prevent run away strollers and doubles as a securing strap when the stroller is folded.
All that in only 23lbs. AND! It come in several color options, including a subdued black and khaki, just in case the Bean and I find ourselves in a tactical scenario.

As if that wasn’t enough, it has a host of accesories such as an infant car seat adaptor and a cargo kit that transforms the stroller into a handy carry all once your toddler is too old to want to ride. The more I read about this thing, the more I want one for myself, so that some kind giant can push me around.

Welcome Bean

Cutest Dog in the world?

For a few years now Cameron and I have doted on our special puppy, Puddles, and given her all the love and attention that we would a child. It’s kinda sappy. She is a really cute dog though, just look at those coal eyes, and the floppy attentive ears, and the button sized snuffler. She’s adorable!

Despite how much we love that her, it’s weird to treat a dog like your child. So we decided to get a baby. Ultra! SOUND!

Here’s our first picture of the baby, taken at 13 weeks. We’re calling it Bean for right now. This ultrasound photo was taken a little while ago, and we’re up to nearly 4 months now. We’ve got another ultrasound scheduled for the end of May, and we’ll have another picture available then.